Massage and Wellness

Massage and Wellness
Massage and Wellness


Massage industry has evolved as one of the most complementary profession in the health care and hospital industry. Massage therapy involves all the actions performed on body either manually or with mechanical aid in order to provide relaxation against body pain or soothe mental and emotional tension. Massage is a healing art and science having the ultimate aim of physical well being of people. Massage therapists are supposed to have combination of both academic as well as practical knowledge of their profession. Growing popularity of massage therapy is reported by American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) that massage industry is having market of more than $12 billion. During the period of July 2009 to July 2010 almost 18 percent of American adults had a massage at least once which means the industry has grown at rapid force.


Career in massage and wellness industry allows you to help people in soothing their physical problems and mental overload in a meaningful way. Eligibility requirements to become a massage therapist vary from state to state. Entering into a massage training program requires either a high school diploma or GED. Frequently many states require the massage therapy students to undergo classroom training of 300 to 1000 hours. Few other states need you to undertake apprentice training program from accredited massage training school or program.  The massage therapy programs are intended to introduce you with the work environment and industry standards. The program curriculum desires to excel you in the areas like clinical skills, manual dexterity, muscle and tissue identification, healing skills,etc.


Field of massage and wellness is considered as both personally as well as professionally rewarding, giving you the scope to express care and well being of community in your work. The US Department of Labor projects the need for the massage therapist to grow by 19 percent by 2018. It means positive inflow of jobs into the market. Massage professionals are hired on the places like spas, chiropractic offices, fitness and wellness centers, high end hotels as well as doctor offices. You can be an entrepreneur and start your own fitness center after attending the required training sessions. Massage therapists are able to make annual average earning of $47000 to $55000. The massage therapy profession has grown rapidly in response to the physiological needs of people.

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