Esthetics/ Skin Care

Esthetics/ Skin Care

Esthetics / Skincare


The world of beauty and cosmetology is growing rapidly as people in today’s world are more beauty conscious. As the whole personal looks depend on several characteristics of skin, there should be a great importance in caring skin. So in the modern society every individual spends time for improving the skin’s appearance. An esthetician is a well trained skin care specialist who beautifies the skin through a variety of cosmetological treatments.


The job prospects are generally good for the candidates who are seeking an entry-level position. Openings will be best for those licensed professionals who can render extensive services in the salons and other working environments. Experience and advanced training in the cosmetological fields will attract new customers and also raises the earnings


As the name suggests, the job of a skin care specialist is to perform several treatments on skin through safe procedures. To enhance the appearance of skin, an esthetician carries out facials, pore cleansing, body wraps and many other means. Manicures and/or pedicures, depilation and waxing, eyebrow shaping and lash tinting will give a fresh look to the skin should be only executed by the licensed professionals. The skin care specialists will know the science of every skin and so they can decide what procedures and treatments should be applied on each customer.


According to the U.S Department of Labor Statistics, the employment opportunities for the estheticians and skin care specialists are expected to increase by 25 percent from 2008-2018. The median hourly wages for the skin care specialists were $13.90 in May 2010 and it varies according to the experience and various other factors.

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