Beauty / Cosmetology

Beauty / Cosmetology

Beauty and Cosmetology


The cosmetological market is growing rapidly as people currently lay more stress on personal grooming and has become extremely aware about their looks. Beauty/ Cosmetology courses deal with electrolysis and laser treatments, skin care, massage therapies, make up and permanent make up, hair design, advanced training options, instructor training, nail technician and the spa management. As reported by the International Business Information Systems (IBIS), the area of elegance has not affected by the difficulties in economic climate and recessions and also witness major income with lot of commercial potential


Initiating a career as cosmetologist requires a degree certification from the accredited beauty schools and must hold the license issued by State Board of Cosmetology. Even if the eligibility requirements to attend approved cosmetology institutions differ, a high school diploma or GED seems to be common need. In some colleges/schools, prospects owning an apprenticeship or placement experience from the beauty industry are also admitted.


Job prospectus and Remuneration: The world of cosmetology with wide and different career opportunities is in incredible progression. Professionals in this area work as hair stylists, hand and foot therapist, makeup artist, aestheticism  beauty instructor, permanent makeup artist, massage therapist, electrolysis or laser technician and spa or saloon manager. As it is related with some medical procedures, sanitized resources are used in all treatments to ensure the safety of customers. As new trends and technological innovations are hitting the world of fashion and elegance, experienced and skilled cosmetologists are higher in demand in various fields such as televisions, film and theatres, modeling photo shoots and many more.

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